Italia Lounge is an Italian industrial reality, born from a long and consolidated professional experience in the manufacture of sofas and furniture of high craftsmanship value, with a commercial and distribution network internationally spread.

To a high level of know-how is added a continuous and accurate research of new designs, technological solutions and innovative materials.

Our territory has always been rich in skilled workers and small workshops and this background get reaffirmed in our creations, along with the artisanal care, and the refinement of our assortments.

Every day several departments are involved in the manufacture of our products: mindful Cutters, skilled Needlewomen and Master Upholsterers, guided by our style, with ability and proven competence, are tailoring our collections.

The styling department in collaboration with established designers and innovative companies research and choose materials that can enhance and personalize our products.

A wide range of materials chosen to appropriately match various furnishing elements, offering you the opportunity to create unexpected combinations.