About Us

Forest was founded in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2010 by Logan Lim. The company was originally established selling classic and contemporary furniture ranging from sofas, dining sets to mattresses and etc. Understanding the evolving needs of customers, the company continues to grow in order to offer a broader range of furniture products in the market place.

About Us


Forest is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of superior quality handcrafted Chesterfield furniture. Unlike common furnishing, a Chesterfield sofa undergoes several stages of meticulous crafting – from the design phase to attaching its final leather panel.

Once our expert craftsman puts in the finishing touches, you’d appreciate why our durable works of art have gained a distinguished reputation worldwide – including the US, Europe, China, India, Middle East, South Africa, Korea and Southeast Asia markets.


Passion • Premium • Prestige

To create even more innovative designs that appeal to international markets, Lim has also formed a collaboration with Hilker, a German brand known for quality sofas. Hilker products are a fusion of dynamic designs and the trademark flawless German craftsmanship. With this partnership, furniture enthusiasts can expect more groundbreaking masterpieces from Lim.

The company focuses on displaying passion and enthusiasm about improving quality on products, services and delivery out of the ultimate goal of providing a better purchase experience for customers.

Through the innovative technologies, however adhering to the traditional manufacturing concept on top of selecting the high quality leathers and fabrics, Forest is driven to produce greatness in its products with guaranteed quality.


Why Us

International Brand

We send our top quality products to any place in the world – US, Eastern & Western Europe, India, Middle East, South Africa, Korea, China, Indonesia and Thailand.

Premium Material

A premium product demands top quality from genuine material – Internaland External Structure. Leather, we are proud of our high standards for quality leather that import from Italy and India. MERANTI WOOD MALAYSIA – is a deciduos tree that grows in tropical equatorial area, Malaysia. The durability of meranti lasts for more than 15 years.

Detailed Craftsmanship with Top Supremely

We design and manufacture top quality products, every piece of our products has been meticulously and sustainably crafted for exceptional value.

Timeless Prestige European Design

Evolving latest trends to lead global industry. we ensure that good quality assurance practices are used for the design of Forest products. our mission is to create premium furniture we stand behind our craftsmanship.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

We’re confidence to build safe and durable products. Our internal wooden structure built with timber and covered by our unprecedented lifetime warranty.