A home cinema screen & each to their own : some prefer TV set, other are smitten with projector screen. Why not choose a combination of both, with a screen that can be unrooled infront of the TV set for those occasions when you are looking for highly engaging image. Each solution is possible and is realised as thought the unit were exclusively conceived for it.


Triplo boiserie is a mosaic which come to life and bestows unexxpected sensations upon us. Its modularity means that it can cover entire walls, leaving space for openings, which perforate a continuous surface, suitable for use as light spots , or for hosting equally beautiful objects. It is a composition that shines in its own light. Altenatively, it can be arranged with a central space for the TV screen.


The secret of this bookshelves concealed harmony lies in the masteful blend of composition solution which render it a unique piece each time: large-sized horizontal planes exude strong personality and can be alternated with vertical element of varying thickness and materials, for infinite solutions.